Saturday, November 11, 2006

PS3 Day One Buzz

Now that I no longer live in Japan, I don't have access to Famitsu (except when other sites upload article scans, which I dutifully translate in situ). So I turn to 2channel (ni-channel) for my Japanese gaming info. This is an anonymous BBS system which is said to be the largest in the world. Rabid fanboys post on 2ch as soon as they hear rumours, buy games and systems etc. so there are already hundreds of posts about the PS3.

Here's a summary of what I've read about it so far (translated from posts so not my phrasing or opinions):

• It's HUGE. The size and shininess give it a big presence. It's heavy, too.
• The XMB menu seems to take a little while to load.
• The wave animation in the menu background is kind of tacky, although that's a matter of taste.
• The network setup is simple.
• The controller is light. L2 and R2 have a lot of give, which feels strange.
• No probs playing PS2 games. Load times are slower than PS2, as is memory card access.
• The browser is VERY slow. I couldn't view sites with movies or Flash.
• After being on for about 15 minutes the console gets hot enough to almost burn you.
• Lots of hot air coming out of the vents. Like the machine at a bowling alley for drying your fingers.
• You have to hold down the touch sensors on the console to power on and off or reset. Maybe to prevent accidents?

Some interesting comments. One poster even said that they couldn't comment on the games because they didn't get any yet.


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